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Award Winning Engagements.

Award Winning Consultants.

Audited Financial Benefits.

Award Winning Engagements.

Our business model is created on the foundation of listening to our customers needs and providing customized solutions. We provide our customers with the assistance to achieve their strategic goals. Companies often need a fresh set of eyes to realize and attain hidden growth opportunities; our seasoned professionals assist organizations in the short term to create long-lasting results. Our goal is to facilitate significant improvements that will self-sustain. Whether your objective is to increase operational efficiency, strategically concatenate a merger/ acquisition smoothly, strengthen core business practices for excellence, or simply to achieve long-term cost savings, CS International offers management consulting services that will help your company exceed expectations.

Award Winning Consultants.

Our engagements are individually constructed based on each customer’s unique requirements. By leveraging our teams’s experience across multiple industries, we design a Business Improvement Plan suited to your specific needs. Our consultants have a proven track record of facilitating Break-Through results and are hand-picked from all over the world to effectively work with cultures and languages across the globe.


First we establish a clear understanding of your objectives and challenges through discussions, site visits, strategy sessions, and organizational performance analyses.


Once a clear assessment has been made, together we will determine the critical components required to accomplish your objectives. Design and Planning sessions will be conducted to clearly chart the path to achieve your desired state, taking into consideration the support structure necessary to sustain the initiative.


In this phase we will work with you to integrate and implement a sustainable initiative into your organization. Whether it is a Change Management, Operations Improvement, Business Excellence, New Product/ Process Roll-Out, or World Class Manufacturing engagement, CS International will make a significant impact.

Audited Financial Benefits.

Over the last 15 years, we have consistently delivered quantifiable business results on 6 continents and in 19 countries outside the US. Our core focus is on meeting and exceeding customer expectations by helping them optimize their business performance. With satisfied clients ranging across many industries around the world we believe our results speak for themselves; to name a few:

General Electric $400M after 2 years

BHP Base Metals $63M after 1 year

Navistar $95M after 1 years

Gen Corp $15M after 2 years

Lonmin $33M after 1 year 

EMCON $6M after 6 months


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