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Facilitating Business Excellence


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CS International is a full-service management consulting firm known in the industry for our ability to implement high-impact improvement initiatives that deliver benchmark results. Our primary goal is to deliver operational improvement engagements with "stand-alone" capabilities so our clients will not require the presence of consultants to maintain continuity of their programs after our work is done.

Our core focus is to meet and exceed customer expectations and thereby optimizing their business performance through the development of internal expertise.  We help clients build the necessary skill-sets to deploy initiatives that are fully suited to both their industry and inherent culture. With a cadre of seasoned consultants who have worked throughout the world, we know how to deliver our clients’ unique vision with the depth and clarity they require and demand




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Areas of Practice

COnsumer GOods

As consumption habits rapidly change with the influence of technology and lifestyle trends, building agile supply chains and robust operations with an emphasis on process waste elimination isn't an option but a basic need to remain competitive in the global market place. 


The advent of the Toyota Production System was not only critical in setting up the foundation for this industry but also was a key factor in deciding the leaders of today. Adapting to the aggressive influence of technology, design, and supply chain will now be the biggest deciding factor for the successors of the next decade.

MetALs, mINING & energy

Building an efficient process that can adapt to the demanding nature of the volatile markets while reinforcing safety remains one of the primary challenges of developing a sustainable business in this industry. 


A sector dominated by stagnant mature industries generates its growth through a disciplined bottom up management approach while exceeding the aggressive demands of supplier quality, value chain, regulatory, and R&D needs.

Private Equity

An inflated international stock market drives competition in the mergers and acquisitions arena. These overvalued assets demand more attention from the investors and management to fabricate creative and sustainable value-add strategies to reach and exceed target returns on their investment.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Providing the best value and utmost care to patients remains the central element to stay competitive in this field. Creating agile systems that can facilitate the needs of the changing regulatory environment is critical in maintaining patient expectations and driving sustainable organizational growth. 


Facilitating business improvement by building employee capabilities through the relentless elimination of waste
— Mike Carnell, Founder


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